The-Weird staff welcomes everyone to join in a open discussion of the various topics of the paranormal, however, as much as we hate to, we must set some chat and forum rules. This is to insure that there is no miscommunication and misunderstanding between users, and between users and the staff, the staff being inclusive of forum moderators and channel (chat-room) operators.


The Short Version

1. Flaming, trolling, culling and threats will not be tolerated.
2. Treat each person with due respect.
3. Religious preaching and political mongering is not allowed. Read the expanded explanation for more details.
4. Do not argue with the forum moderators and channel operators.
5. If you have requested help, please be patient. We will respond.
6. Do not make posts and messages that involve questionable material, illegal and criminal activity.
7. Do not steal another user's posts and messages.
8. No pornography and sexually explicit material is allowed.
10. Report all abuses to the moderators and operators.


The Long Version

1. Flaming, Trolling, Culling and Threats

A) Flaming
The-Weird defines flaming as the deliberate bashing of others through the use of hostile remarks, insults and profanity. This definition is in contrast to the heat of the moment bashing motivated by highly emotional states. Although both instances are considered flaming, we do understand how tempers can flare without notice, however, although we will take a user's emotional state into consideration, it is still up to the user to control their self at all times. Regardless of the rationale, flamers will be kicked from a channel. Continuous flamers will be banned from the chat-room and the forum.

B) Trolling
The-Weird defines trolling as the deliberate provocation of ill will and discord, through the use of inflammatory, extraneous, and/or consistent off-topic messages in forums and chat rooms. Although, in some cases, such actions might be unintentional, all trolls will be treated in a equal manner. Anyone trolling will be banned in both the forum and the chat-room.

C) Culling
The-Weird defines culling as the deliberate intent to take or steal other users, information, and website content from websites, forums and chat-rooms. Anyone who culls will be banned from the forum and chat-room.

D) Threats
The-Weird defines threats as the promissory intent to take action in order to do bodily injury to someone and/or to cause the death of another. Do not joke about this as we will never take such posts and messages as a joke. Anyone posting and/or messaging threats will be banned from the forum and chat-room, and all information gathered of that person making the threat, will be forwarded to the proper authorities along with a report/copy of the posted/messaged threat. The proper authorities include website hosts, internet service providers, other internet based services, municipal law enforcement departments, state or regional law enforcement agencies, national or federal law enforcement agencies, and international police agencies.

2. Respectfully Yours
Because of the nature of the paranormal genres we share an interest in, some issues are controversial, especially when personal opinion and beliefs vie against each other during a discussion. To help in keeping discussions from becoming arguments and perhaps personally offensive, please respect the opinion and belief of others at all times. In doing so, an example is set and other users are more likely to offer mutual respect. If all else fails, simply agree to disagree. We do not kick or ban on disagreements, as long as the other aspects of the Code of Conduct are not violated.

3. Religious Dogma and Political Spin
Plain and simple, this website, its' forum, and its' chat-room, are dedicated to the study and discussion of the paranormal. The paranormal is inclusive but not limited to UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Cryptozoology, Ghosts, Mysterious events, and Weird phenomena. It does not include religion and politics. These two subjects are too contentious, and are often the cause of violent disputes, Any user preaching religion and/or political mongering will be censured in the forum, and kicked from the chat-room on their first offense. Repeat offenders will be banned from from the forum and chat-room. To elucidate, because the discussion of religion and politics causes so much contention we do not allow their discussion outside of their historical, philosophical and FACTUAL context. This is also inclusive of, but not limited to, nick names, chat software messages, and any other form of text, digitally based media, and other such implementation used to propound and exhibit such beliefs.

4. No Quibbling With the Staff
The jobs of forum moderators (Mods)and chat-room operators (Ops)is not just to sit there looking pretty, they observe and moderate the posts and messages. Mods and Ops do not use arbitrary measures in deciding whether a violation has occurred, they too must use the Code of Conduct to decide if a violation has been committed and thus they know whether to kick and/or ban a user. The decisions of mods and ops are final. Do not argue with a forum moderator or a chat room operator, or otherwise cause a public disruption. However, if a user feels they have been unjustly banned, then contact us by email -NO PMs- at In the case of the forum, include the link to the thread, or in the case of the chat-room, include a log of the dialogue. If a user cannot supply a chat log, then state the date and approximate time the issue occurred. We will review all such complaints and if a user has a valid argument then we will restore that user to their previous status.

5. Patience is a Virtue
We understand users might encounter problems with the website, forum, chat-room or another user. If one or more of these situations occur and the user has reported it, please allow us time to review the issue(s) and seek a solution. In most cases, problems can be solved immediately by a forum moderator and/or a chat-room operator. However, if no one is immediately available then we will address the issue as soon as we can. We can't promise a specific time, but we will try to respond within the first 24 hour period of a user reporting the issue.

6. Keep it Legal
At The-Weird we encourage people to express themselves, using whatever medium is appropriate to each user. However, we do not allow the use of copyrighted material that does not comply with the United States Fair Use Doctrine ( Furthermore, we don't allow the publication of any posts and messages that are considered to be illegal and which constitutes criminal activity. This can include URL links to obtain illegal drugs, pirated software, pirated music and pirated video, but is not not limited to only these things. If you have doubt as to some thing's legality, then it probably isn't legal. Those users violating this section of the Code of Conduct will be warned the first time, and the object of concern deleted. Continuation of the same action will cause the user to be permanently banned.

7. Thou Shall Not Steal
Sometimes a user will post or message something really cool, so cool in fact, that we would like to use it. But, don't! Unless you contact the original author of the post and/or message and ask their permission to use their work. To do anything else is intellectual property infringement, which is a copyright issue. Outside the Fair Use Doctrine, any use of another user's work without authorization will incur a warning, and removal of the work. Repeat offenders will be banned. We do not speak for any legal action that the original work's author will pursue against those who infringe on their intellectual property rights. That is up to the discretion of the author of the original work.

8. No Sex
Plain and simple, do not post or message anything concerning pornography, sexually explicit material, and naturist/nudist subjects. Do not use this website and its resources and services to advertise sex and "hooking up". This is neither a porn site nor a dating site. There will be no warning, all offenders will be automatically banned.

9. Privacy Outside the Bathroom
Obviously, we can't force any of our users NOT to disclose their personal information. But, we very strongly urge you not to. Such level of information can be inclusive of legal names, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, work locations, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and so on. It doesn't take much information for a practiced thief to discover more information and use it get loans and other things under your name. So again DO NOT DISCLOSE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE! We will never ask for your personal information, outside of the minimal information required to register on the forum or in chat. If you do disclose your personal information to someone, despite our advice, then there is little we, at The-Weird, can do to help. If anyone does ask you for such information immediately report them to us at

10. Tell Us All
If any user should witness or experience any breach of the Code of Conduct by another user, immediately inform the Mods and Ops. For more serious matters contact us at



If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints contact

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