The Weird, is a community committed to sharing and discussing personal experiences and public events which involve the paranormal. The paranormal being inclusive of UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, Weird, Strange and Mysterious events and phenomena .

Although the genre has been around a long while, and many people have explored it deeply, there is always room for more in-depth exploration using new perspectives. The Weird endeavors to offer that and more:

  1. By not outright dismissing the facts -as they exist- or distorting the event itself, when examining the evidence,
  2. By using all facets of logic and applicable science disciplines before proclaiming a particular event truly paranormal,
  3. To examine the phenomenon from a fresh perspective when all else has failed to explain an inexplicable event.
  4. To accept a true paranormal event as inexplicable then to attempt to understand it.

Finally, The Weird allows and strongly supports free expression without ridicule, however, we will not tolerate trolls, flamers, and mis-informationists; those who are intent on causing trouble, discontent, and confusion by means of false and misleading information and attitudes.

We offer a forum, a live chat, and a internet talk shows to all our members and guests, although we urge everyone to register to gain the full benefits that are part of membership.

We here at The Weird hope you enjoy your visit!

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